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From: Dr. Clifford Adams Invitation

More than 10 years ago, I put forward a theory of Total Nutrition. This advocated the use of nutrients and bioactive feed ingredients, nutricines, in order to maintain animal health, reduce animal stress and minimise the use of antibiotics. In modern animal production, we still face many problems such as low quality and unstable feed ingredients which lead to poor feed utilization and excessive discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment. We have high incidence of disease coupled with a widespread and extensive use of antibiotics. Total Nutrition focuses on the use of nutricines such as emulsifiers and enzymes which improve energy and protein utilization and also reduce environmental pollution. Mycotoxin adsorbents and antioxidants improve and maintain feed safety. Other important nutricines such as probiotics, essential oils from plants and acidifiers, help to maintain good intestinal health which will reduce the need for antibiotics.

I know that in China, there is already a lot of research on animal nutrition trying to solve these animal production, safety and environmental problems. Significant work is ongoing into precision nutrition and gastrointestinal health. In particular, Prof. Lu Dexun has developed a system theory of animal nutrition to improve overall animal production.

Therefore, a Total Nutrition Conference in China is very appropriate at this time to address modern problems and concerns. I hope that we will be able to have fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas between our international and Chinese scientists. We need to develop and extend the concept of Total Nutrition to further improve the supply of high quality food of animal origin for the human population.

Therefore, I sincerely invite you, either as a guest or a speaker, to share your scientific insights with the other participants at this conference. May you have the opportunity to learn as well as to teach.

Lastly, please allow me to express my appreciation of the close collaboration with Kemin on cohosting the conference and of the efforts Kemin makes to bring the theory of Total Nutrition into the practical research and application of the products and provide global customers with safe, efficient feed additives and antibiotic alternatives, reducing risks concerning food safety and promoting healthy, optimal performance of the animals. Gratitude should also be extended to LyJa Media for the organization of the event.

Dr. Clifford Adams and His Total Nutrition

Dr. Clifford Adams is a renowned animal nutritionist from Europe. After years of work and research, he brought forth the “Total Nutrition” theory in Brugge in 2001. The theory was a landmark in the endeavor of Europe to reduce the use of antibiotics; it is agreed upon by many nutritionists.

His career in animal husbandry took off from the study of agricultural biochemistry at University of Wales where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He later studied at University of Guelph in Canada for his master’s degree, finishing the related research of the composition of the forage amino acids. His doctoral research began from Illinois State University in the USA, focusing on sulfur nutrition of the soy bean. After the period, Dr. Clifford Adams embarked on his post-doctoral research concentrating on microbial sulfur metabolism at the Waite Research Institute of the University of Adelaide.

Some of his research highlights include:

(Africa)Research into the protein structure of grains such as sorghum and corn at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR)

(UK)Research on water pollution control in a program funded by World Bank

(USA)Research on the ripening and nutritional quality of soy bean at the Department of Agronomy of the Illinois State University

(Kemin)Dr. Adams joined Kemin after the work at Illinois State University. During the following 25 years since 1982, Dr. Adams was in charge of the research efforts of Kemin in Europe. During the period, he was devoted to the nutrition strategies of efficient production of animal-based food, which eventually led to the proposition of the concept of Nutricines which include enzymes, antioxidants, antibiotics, flavoring agents, acidifiers, plant oils and lysophospholipid, etc. Nutricines, which are not conventional nutrients, play a significant role in the health, immunoregulation and the promotion of the growth of animals.

He now establishes his own research institute—ANOZENE Nutritional Sciences in Belgium.

In fact, the whole R&D system and product application plans of Kemin are guided by his theory of Total Nutrition.

In recent years, there have been quite a number of controversial issues concerning animal production, including nutrition development strategies in the realm of food Safety and the antibiotic-free production in animal farming and health care. Through his Total Nutrition theory, Dr. Adams extensively studies and develops the application of the Nutricines in animal production and he hopes that with the help of the theory, rational nutrition strategies can be employed in modern animal production, ensuring both the benefits of animal husbandry and the health of animals, prevention of diseases and the reduction of antibiotics.

Therefore, by hosting the Total Nutrition Conference, we hope to make our contributions to China’s animal husbandry industry and let more people acquaint themselves with such theoretical system.



Topic 1: Reduction in the use of antibiotics and gut healthy

Topic 2: Sustainability of animal production

Topic 3:Environment friendly production


Topic:Total Nutrition for Ruminant