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NOZENE is located in Brussels, Belgium, is a company involving in animal and human nutrition solutions for the integration of nutrition and health research consultants, has helped many companies to provide product designing, product upgrades and related research and development consultants and solutions in Europe, and the United States. In the field of feed additives, food additives, the company published a number of research papers, as well as published series of monographs in Europe and the United States has a high reputation.

The company's founder, Dr. Clifford Adams, worked for an American company ,Kemin Industries for 25 years and served as R & D Director of Kemin Europe. Since then he establised ANOZENE, to provide services for the industry.

During his tenure in Kemin, Dr. Cliff.Adams created the TOTAL NUTRITION theory that guided the establishment and application of Kemin's product system. In recent years,TOTAL NUTRITION has been a guide of AGP-FREE solution in Europe.

In addition to " TOTAL NUTRITION ", Dr. Cliff wrote a number of industry monographs- are widely praised.

In 2016, Cliff new works listed, Agribusiness Phosphates for Animal Feed & Nutrition 2016.


- Kemin Industries

Kemin Industries is more than a worldwide ingredient manufacturer; we’re a laboratory, a researcher, a resource and a partner to our customers. From animal health to human nutrition, customers come to us for answers and solutions.

We share information and resources with our customers, which is just one reason Kemin Industries is a leader in the ingredient manufacturing industry. When you work with Kemin, you’re partnering with the top experts in the field. Our specialists are here to share research results and answer all questions honestly and openly to ensure you are using the Kemin Industries products properly and to your best advantage.